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Spike's is a little, independent, neighborhood coffee shop in the heart of San Francisco’s historic Castro district, just far enough off the beaten path that you have to know where to find us. We do our best to be a bright spot in every customer’s day by providing great coffee and tea, carefully crafted espresso drinks, satisfying baked goods and friendly service.



Staunchly In the Moment: We don’t have television screens or wireless. So come in, look around, strike up a conversation with a real person – face to face, for a change – and enjoy the increasingly rare experience of being in a real place in real time.

Staunchly Independent: We’re a fiercely independent coffee shop. (Grrr.) So quit drinking corporate coffee and find out what’s cool about independence.

Staunchly civic-minded: We contribute to worthy causes in our community, such as Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, an elementary school located just a block away, and we sponsor local institutions, such as Frameline, the not-for-profit media-arts organization that produces the annual LGBT film festival.

Staunchly green: We compost, recycle, and give discounts to customers who bring their own mugs.       



Nowadays there are an awful lot of coffee shops popping up in the neighborhood. So once you’ve given the upstarts a nod, come back to Spike’s for your morning coffee, afternoon tea or whatever you need to lift your spirits at any time of day. We're here to help.


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Spike's Coffees and Teas

4117 19th Street, San Francisco, California 94114

415 626 5573


Monday - Saturday: 6:30am - 7pm

Sunday: 7:30am - 7pm

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